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Welcome U.S. Customers...


Did you know that your U.S. Dollar is worth more than our Canadian Dollar, and buys you more for your travel dollar?   (Click here for today's exchange rate)

Did you know that according to Canadian Law your money is held in a Trust Fund for protection? 

Did you know that every Travel Agency in Ontario, Canada is required by law to pay a percentage of it’s sales into a government “Compensation Fund” in case an individual has paid for travel services and not received them due to the default of the registered Travel Agency or Wholesaler that the trip was booked through? 

Did you know by law a Canadian Travel Agency must have a minimum of two qualified experienced professional Travel Agents that meet the minimum requirements as detailed in the Travel Industry Act before they can open a office? 

Did you know that unlike the U.S. all Travel Agencies in Canada must meet strict minimum requirements before receiving their operating license?  The Travel Industry Act must have proof there is sufficient working capital and the qualified professionals before granting their license to operate a Travel Agency. 

I would suggest after learning about all of this there would be no doubt about booking with Magic Carpet Travel, a registered Canadian Travel Agency.

Thank You,
Susan Champagne,
Owner - Magic Carpet Travel


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